Why Choose Us

High Quality Elegant & Luxurious Designs


Themed Designs to give you the best aesthetic results.

Customized Designs tailor made to suit your requirements. You are not limited to a "fixed" catalog or any standard sizes.

Wholistic Designs that factor in furniture layout, seating, movement, lighting, wall/floor color, electric points, wall paper, false ceiling, curtains and decor.

3D Designs with Walk Throughs and Photorealistic Images. You can visualize the final look of your home interiors and make alterations before production starts.

Materials Used

Only the best and top brand materials and components will be used. These are proven in the market and come with high quality, durability and reliability (read more).

Ply: 7 years / LIFE TIME company warranty. We use only water proof ply for extra quality and durability. You don't have to worry about moisture, dampness, leaks, overflows, borer, termite or warping anytime.

Laminates: 7+ years company warranty. 1mm for externals and 0.8/1mm for internals. This is durable and does not easily chip or crack.

Hardware & Accessories: LIFE TIME company warranty.

2mm edge band for both internal and external edges. This gives smooth edges, is durable and does not peel off.


  •   Modular & Handmade Furniture
  •   Home Theater / Acoustics
  •   False Ceiling / PVC Ceiling
  •   Lighting / Automation
  •   Designer Glass & Mirrors
  •   Sofa / Seating
  •   Wall Paper
  •   Blinds / Curtains / Decor
  •   Paint works / Polish


  •   Kitchens
  •   Wardrobes / Lofts
  •   Dressing Units
  •   Entertainment Units
  •   Puja Room
  •   Console Table / Shoe Rack
  •   Crockery / Bar Unit
  •   Book Rack / Study / Library
  •   Partitions / Paneling


  •   Turnkey Projects
  •   Designing
  •   3D Views
  •   Consultation
  •   Supervision
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